Scan Design Site Visits Up +80% YOY with Digital-Only Strategy

New partners help give a (table) leg up

Our digital-only plan leveraged incremental media inventory to generate interest for Scan Design’s summer sale.

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Scan Design has an annual two-and-a-half week sale every summer, and it’s the biggest sale of the year. They’ve historically had media plans heavily focused on traditional media ranging from TV to billboards to print to generate interest for a sale not recognized as a “traditional sale period” like Black Friday, Labor Day, President’s Day, etc. This year, the channel strategy and budget were cut almost in half. Our challenge was to generate interest that could beat year over year performance on a digital-only plan.


Asterisk  Leverage current and new digital channels to increase Site Visits 15% year over year


We built our strategy across all phases of the funnel with Digital Video, Paid Social, Display, and Search.  To increase our reach without conventional reach channels, we looked to new partners with inventory not already available to us on the Google Display Network (GDN).

We chose AdTheorent to deploy additional Display and Video for its predictive targeting and advanced machine-learning algorithms, which allowed us to optimize toward our custom metric, View-Influenced Visits. We found that these campaigns drove a large volume of traffic to the site with an efficient Cost/ViV, -12% less than other partners.

We chose Teads because it offers exclusive placements on premium publishers, which guaranteed higher placement quality for our Display and Video campaigns than other auction-based services like GDN offer. We saw strong performance as this partner contributed to 10% of overall site traffic while driving efficient session volume.

We partnered with Zeta Global for Display campaigns, utilizing visitor data, competitor, and Smart Market targeting. Zeta Global incorporates third-party data partnerships (e.g. auto ownership, purchase data, television viewership, CRM data, etc) to target consumers who fall into key marketing categories. We were able to optimize toward store visits which drove an incremental 715 visits while also showing strong on site engagement.


By expanding our efforts into additional partners and leveraging the power of digital audience targeting, we were able to far exceed our campaign goals; we drove an unprecedented +80% increase in Site Visits YOY – on -50% less spend! As we continue to test and optimize these and new partners for Scan Design, we’re eager to apply key learnings across our agency portfolio so we can keep driving #awesome results.


Increase in Site Visits


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