Portillo’s Restaurant Relishes in +7k Site Visits with SteelHouse Performance TV 

We relish performance-based CTV

This brick and mortar restaurant has a cult following for their Chicago-style hot dogs. Looking to increase reach and bolster awareness among restaurant-goers, we partnered with SteelHouse Performance TV to help Portillo’s reach households who would fall in love with their brand.

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Portillo’s needed a new and effective way to raise brand awareness outside of Chicago, where they are currently well-established. Given the notoriously competitive restaurant industry, the challenge was reaching new users in their target audience in an impactful way to increase reach and drive traffic.


We partnered with SteelHouse Performance TV to help Portillo’s increase reach and raise brand awareness among their primary audience thanks to Steelhouse’s frequency and targeting capabilities. By leveraging Performance TV’s full integration with the Oracle Data Cloud, Portillo’s was able to find the exact households that would be receptive to their brand, and deliver the right number of ads to help them stay top of mind. Our targeting strategy included families, frequent restaurant spenders, and competitor customers.

As the campaign progressed, Performance TV’s analytics and reporting showed massive reach. The advanced audience targeting not only resulted in a healthy cost per website visit, but also increased online food orders—a nice bonus to the expected increase to in-store foot traffic. Our team provided the insights Portillo’s needed to capitalize on this newfound source of strength.


SteelHouse Performance TV not only helped Portillo’s reach valuable audiences and raise brand awareness, it helped them drive performance for the online side of their business. The campaign drove a cost per visit of $3.58, which resulted in a serious boost to online orders. It’s important to note that online orders are only a fraction of the revenue that was generated by foot traffic heading into their brick and mortar locations. SteelHouse Performance TV did exactly what Portillo’s hoped it would do—and a whole lot more.

“By combining the precision of digital media targeting with the experience of television, we were able to efficiently and effectively build interest with our targets while capturing demand in the form of online orders and restaurant visits.”

– Nick Scarpino SVP, Marketing & Off-Premise Dining

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