FOX Sports Sun Scores a $1.11 Cost Per Visit With SteelHouse Performance TV

CTV for the Three

FOX Sports Sun is the go-to destination for games, scores, stats, news, and more for all of Florida’s most beloved teams. Looking to increase viewership for their NBA lineup, we partnered with SteelHouse Performance TV to get more hoops fans to tune in.

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FOX Sports Sun wanted to boost viewership for their NBA lineup featuring the storied franchise, the Orlando Magic. They needed an accountable and measurable solution to track their campaign’s performance. As we also work with one of FOX Sports’ local NBA teams, and have partnered with SteelHouse for their CTV needs, we turned to Performance TV to help tap into streaming audiences and get more Magic fans watching FOX Sports.


We leveraged Performance TV to help FOX Sports Sun reach their audience and serve them compelling ads while they watched top-tier networks like CNN, NBA TV, FFX, and TBS on Connected TV.

Performance TV’s full integration with the Oracle Data Cloud allowed us to target and reach valuable viewers in the greater Orlando area – households with an interest in the Orlando Magic, the NBA, and local sports. Next, we used Performance TV’s dayparting to prioritize impressions and ad spend during the 5PM to 7PM window—the time when most games aired live. This made their message timely and especially effective in convincing viewers to switch over and watch the game.

We also utilized Performance TV’s Audience Extension, which serves related display ads across web and mobile to users who had seen the ad on Connected TV. This created a fully immersive ad experience that followed users as they switched from streaming TV to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. So no matter what their audience was watching or browsing, FOX Sports Sun ads were there to meet them.


Using SteelHouse Performance TV’s reporting and analytics, FOX Sports Sun measured an impressively low $1.11 cost per visit while delivering a site visit rate of 13.45%. They not only achieved their goal of increasing viewership, but did so in an extremely efficient, cost-effective manner. Whether it was ads streamed during top-tier programming, or served while users browsed the web, Performance TV ensured FOX Sports Sun was able to reach their audience and effectively drive action.

“SteelHouse Performance TV gave us everything we needed to drive a successful Connected TV campaign. From the control it gave us over audience targeting, to the reporting and analytics that helped us accurately track success, it was exactly what we needed to hit our goals.”

– Fox Sports Partner

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