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Net Conversion maximizes customer value by driving incremental app downloads.

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Our retail client has a portfolio of brands. The leading brand’s differentiator amongst competitors is their loyalty and rewards program; rewards members can earn points with every purchase to be redeemed on future purchases. The primary way Brand’s shoppers engage with the rewards program is through its mobile app, where users can clip coupons, shop the weekly ad, redeem reward points, and access exclusive mystery bonus offers. 

Customers who use the app are the most valuable in terms of generating revenue for Brand – over a six month period, app users drove a +22% sales lift compared to non app users. Therefore, our strategy centered around converting more customers into app-users


Asterisk  Maximize customer value by driving app downloads

Asterisk  Drive one million incremental App Installs (first open) while maintaining Cost/Install


Using Client’s extensive data on customer history, shopping behaviors, and more, we built our campaigns around several key audiences:

Asterisk  Primary and Secondary Shoppers Without App – built from CRM lists and based on shopping frequency

Asterisk  Current App User Lookalikes – people who looked like active app shoppers over the past 90 days

Asterisk  eCommerce Shoppers Without App – shoppers who have ordered through Brand’s website

Asterisk  Coupon Users Without App – people who have signed up for a Brand shopper account to access coupons, but are not rewards members

Furthermore, Client’s robust consumer data allowed us to create some pretty unique audiences and targeting strategies. Based on what items people have purchased, we can target groups like “Consumers of Product X” with more specific messaging and optimization strategies.

We ran our campaigns on Google Universal App Campaign (UAC) in addition to Paid Social. Google UAC allowed us to optimize toward driving more app installs and ultimately add new Brand shoppers to the app’s user base. While Google UAC provided a niche app advertising focus, using Social platforms allowed us more flexibility in audience layering and creative messaging, specifically calling out the additional benefits of using Brand’s rewards program through the official app.


Our campaigns have helped Brand to nearly double their app user base year over year. Of the 1.43 million new subscribers gained year to date, 700k were from Paid Media and 736k were organic. Our Cost/Install did not exceed $5.20.

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