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AdventHealth Conversions Up +93% Despite Rebrand

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Localized search has vital signs up

Net Conversion drives traffic at scale for six geographic regions and new subspecialities while AdventHealth undergoes rebrand.


AdventHealth wanted to deliver steady traffic to its medical offices while undergoing a massive rebranding campaign across all facilities and multiple states. Our first challenge was to drive traffic at scale and beat its own robust 2018 Paid Search results, while still managing each stakeholder as an individual business. The second challenge was to deliver major growth in Search Awareness for the rebranding. Lastly, since the two separate initiatives would run simultaneously, it was crucial that we maintain performance, while preventing brand confusion in the public’s mind, and providing clear reporting and analytics for the client’s many stakeholders.


  1. Drive volume for six geographic regions and a large number of subspecialties and campaigns. Our goal was to increase conversions by +30%.
  2. Increase brand awareness in the face of AdventHealth’s rebrand, as measured by brand search demand and click through rate (CTR). Our goal was to increase brand search demand by +5x and CTR by +20%.


To successfully run hundreds of very niche, medical specialty campaigns at the same time as a complete rebranding effort, we had to make sure that all KPIs were aligned and our audiences were clearly defined. We also designed our bid strategy, messaging, segmentation and optimizations in a way that would allow for customized, but automated reporting. For example, we used Google Ads to manage the ads for the Volume Search Advertising initiative, where we implemented a script that picked the top 3 performing ads in each ad group and paused the rest. We used Google Analytics and Google Data Studio for automated reporting, which allowed us to build dashboards for micro-conversions, or detailed location extension performance metrics.

For Search Awareness, we tested “Will Soon Be” and “Is Now” messages using Google Ads. We leveraged analytics to recommend bidding changes and Google Trends to track brand search demand.


In the ongoing Paid Search campaigns, we were tasked with generating traffic at scale, with the number of subspecialties and campaigns increased by 43% and 66%, respectively. Our agency met the challenge with flying colors, delivering +59% clicks, +93% conversions, and -12% CPA year over year. The KPIs for the Search Awareness campaign were tied to brand awareness and lift, with our efforts driving +171% impressions, +44% CTR, and +13x brand search demand.

Let’s be unexpected together.

Let’s be unexpected together.
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