ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Shopping Campaigns Aid to Increase

Paid Traffic Contribution to Total Site of 10 ppt.


Net Conversion and ABC raise a glass to successful shopping campaigns driving increase traffic to website.

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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is a family-owned, privately held American alcohol retailer. ABC is Florida’s oldest and largest independent retailer of fine wine and spirits. The company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and has 123+ stores located in the state. 

With the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, we saw online shopping as a bigger priority than some of the in-store efforts we were focused on, hence the initiation of shopping campaigns which have been on our roadmap for a while.


eCommerce was exponentially growing on the site through other digital efforts including organic and paid media, and we wanted to make sure the most optimal strategy was equipped to reach users willing to shop online. ABC revamped their website to make Ecommerce a bigger priority following the Pandemic as users were more apt to shop online and pickup curbside or order for delivery


Net Conversion worked with ABC and our partners at Google to build out an updated product feed for all of ABC Fine Wine & Spirits inventory available on the site to create shopping campaigns for ~6,000 available items.

Shopping campaigns are a useful way to promote online and local inventory, boost traffic to the website and store, & capture qualified leads. To begin the process, we merged product data with Merchant Center and created shopping campaigns within the Google Ads platform. The campaigns were then used to showcase ads on Google and on an array of sites where potential customers can see what inventory is available. Shopping ads placements appear in a more visual format than your usual display or text ad. Shopping ads show users a photo of the product, title, price, store name, and more.

We constantly have to keep our eye on regional price fluctuations, availability of inventory in certain areas, and making sure the feed could be refreshed every day before the stores open to keep consistent prices. The testing began November of 2020 and is still ongoing. Our main objectives are to drive an incremental ROAS of around $2.


Thus far, the campaign has driven incremental ROAS on products that we don’t normally advertise for since they are specific brands of wine, whiskey, vodka etc. The campaign has also aided paid traffic contribution to total site by +10ppt.

Throughout the duration of the campaign (11/5-2/17) we’ve seen eCommerce ROAS of $1.29, however have seen $1.59 ROAS in the most recent 2 weeks, compared to category search campaigns. 

As the test is ongoing, the strategy continues to optimize and scale up. Our team in conjunction with ABC is currently working on getting “curbside” and “pick up today” overlays on ads. These overlays will then be implemented via the beta in shopping campaigns, or though Local Inventory Ads. The test has led to an expansion into Local Inventory Ads (not previously in our strategy) and has proven profitable. This strategy will likely remain as an “always on” tactic.

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