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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits - Growing Paid eCommerce Revenue +1.2x

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Cheers to more transactions on less spend

Net Conversion and ABC toast to stellar eCommerce campaigns utilizing precision consumer targeting and location extensions.


In late 2018, ABC radically redesigned its stores and launched a dynamic new eCommerce-enabled website. The 83-year-old family-owned business made these large investments with two goals in mind: grow sales and fend-off the much bigger competitors crowding its market. The company was eager to see its bets pay off in 2019. After a successful Holiday sales season, the client tasked us with designing a paid search strategy to boost online and offline sales starting in January 2019.


Create a paid media strategy fine tuned enough to resonate with the right target audiences to capture revenue from in-person purchases, and nimble enough to entice those interested in buying online and picking up their purchases in store. Our goal was to increase eCommerce revenue by +30%.


From January through June 2019 Paid Google campaigns saw a +1.2x increase in eCommerce revenue and a +1.9x increase in transactions on -23% less spend. As an added benefit, ABC seeing the eCommerce promotion drive additional in-store transactions. Our efforts were credited with increasing the average cart value of the consumer by an additional 20% once they came into the store.


Using Google Ads, we identified two types of consumer segments that were most likely to respond to ABC’s messaging: those who had a history of searching for the store location and/or products and then arriving in store, and those who were looking online to purchase specialty liquor-related items.

After targeting each segment with a custom message, we found that people searching for “liquor near me” drove the most incremental Revenue (after Brand Searches). By linking the Google My Business account we were able to show these users their closest store at a critical conversion moment through Map ads and location extensions on search ads.

For those looking to purchase items online, we delivered eye-catching Search Ads with a sitelink informing them that they could now purchase online and pick up in store. Using this segmentation approach, we were able to increase eCommerce revenue on reduced spend and increase overall efficiency.

Let’s be unexpected together.

Let’s be unexpected together.
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