Leveraging Cardylitics to Reach $4.52 Incremental ROAS for ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

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We’re constantly testing new partners and channels at Net Conversion, and found an opportunity for ABC Fine Wine & Spirit with Cardlytics – a platform that deploys ads across digital channels from a network of banks. Given COVID-19’s impact on alcohol sales (people are DRINKING), we saw the opportunity to acquire market share and increase loyalty.


Asterisk  Measure the effectiveness of Cardlytics’ campaigns through Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Asterisk  Achieve $2.50 ROAS on our latest flight


Cardlytics uses purchase intelligence to reach new and existing customers. What bank apps know that we don’t is whether or not a consumer has bought alcohol at ABC or from a competitor within a certain period of time. In our first campaigns with Cardlytics, we used that data to form three audience segments:

Asterisk  New Shopper: has no purchases at ABC in the past 12 months

Asterisk  Light Shopper: has 1 ABC purchase in the past 12 months

Asterisk  Moderate Shopper: has 2-3 ABC purchases in the past 12 months

To incentivize loyalty and win more share of competitors’ purchases, we deployed unique offers to each audience segment within the banks’ platforms on mobile, desktop, and email.


In the month of June, we reached nearly 300k shoppers and drove a ROAS of $4.52 – an +80% increase over our initial goal.

In our next flight, we’ll be capitalizing on the industry’s demand surges even further by nurturing COVID shoppers with new dedicated audience strategies. 

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Return on Ad Spend

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