Data Science

Models fresh off the runway.

Our Advanced Analytics team uses real-time forecasting, time-series modeling, market segmentation, attribution modeling, incremental attribution, predictive modeling, and more to create in-depth data analyses designed to answer your most complex and strategic questions. We leverage our proprietary data aggregation and automation technology, Conversionomics, to bring you the data and insights that improve bottom-line business results.

We use marketing-mix modeling and various regression techniques to continuously measure and adjust our strategy and bids against quantifiable consumer actions – in real-time.

We use machine learning for customer
modeling and media audience segmentation, and business Intelligence Insights to go beyond the basics with cluster, propensity, sentiment and root cause analysis, and others.

No project too big or too small. We work with projects of all sizes and data of all types.

Cross-Channel Attribution

We use a data-driven attribution model to assign algorithmic and fractional value to all touchpoints.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Determine the business impact of paid media and how all channels contribute to conversion.

Causal Impact

Ensure test validity, lift, and model confidence by measuring the pre-post intervention of media.


In addition to first-party data, we leverage Cloud Functions to fetch third-party data via API to layer on applicable datasets for data modeling and forecasting.

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Only 17% of marketers said they look at the performance of all their digital channels together


Only 2% of brands are realizing the full potential of data-driven marketing strategy


Recorded consumer journeys were completely different 90% of the time

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